Setting Up A Pinterest Account

A mobile and web application, Pinterest provides a visual unearthing, compilation, storage and sharing tool. Users of Pinterest make and share groups of visual bookmarks, also known as boards. These boards are made by a user that chooses an item, a website, a page, and the like and pinning to a board that was newly created or one that exists already. Users of Pinterst save and share pins stemming from different sources onto boards from a multitude of criteria like birthday parties, book writing, holidays, interior decoration, same characteristics, theme, and vacation planning. You can create projects through boards, as well as coordinate events or save images and information together. The website was created by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra. Currently, it is being financed by a little group of investors, as well as entrepreneurs and operated by Cold Brew Labs.

Hence, for you to get a Pinterest login, all that is required of you is a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device that has an Internet connection. In addition, you would need a web browser program, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari.

One of the advantages of having a Pinterest log in in real life is that it can be opened in all web browser programs. Furthermore, you can use the Pinterest tools to pin new images you find interesting any time of day.

• Go to your web browser program and go to the Pinterest home page at There are two ways to sign up with Pinterest. The first way is to get a Pinterest login with Facebook. If you choose this method, click on the “Continue with Facebook” button. The second way is to put in your Email and Password and click “Sign up.” login

• It is not a sure guarantee that the webpage will look as it does in the picture above. For example, you should take into consideration that there would be times where you may find another person’s Pinterest account instead of the previous webpage. If this happens, you would need to sign out first and foremost. Then, just reload the webpage. If the form is still not appearing on your screen, you should just delete the cache, passwords, and/or cookies from your web browser program. If the new form is still appearing, you can close your present web browser program and open the Pinterest webpage in a different web browser program.

• If you do decide to sign up using Facebook and clicked on “Continue with Facebook,” a smaller screen will pop up, as in picture number two. Fill in your Facebook Email or Phone and Password and click on “Log In.” Now you have linked your Facebook with your Pinterest account, so you now have Pinterest login account!

pinterest login

• If you decide, on the other hand, to get your own Pinterest login and password, make sure you have put in your Email and Password and clicked on “Sign up.” Afterwards, you already have your Pinterest account! login

Once you have a Pinterest account, if you want to turn an online picture into a pin, first, choose the picture to pin. Next, click on the “Add +” button on Pinterest. Third, enter a picture URL into the link box. Then, choose the picture you want to pin and put it on the board. Pinterest users can then describe the pin and share it through Facebook or Twitter. Currently, other users can click on the pin to find which board the picture is pinned in, who pinned the image before, where the original pin came from, and who repined, liked, or commented on the picture. You also have the choice of creating “secret” boards so that the user can pin to and see boards that only the user can see when logged into their account. Notably, you can search for your friends when you use your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Interestingly enough, Pinterest is most popular with women. Based on Nielsen, in 2012, the U.S. female audience of Pinterest going to the website through the computer was 70%. Usually, the Pinterest user spent around 90 minutes each month on Pinterest in 2012. The most well-used categories on Pinterest are DIY and crafts, food and drink, home decor, travel, and women’s apparel.

Users of Pinterst should remember that Pinterest keeps actual copies and not just links and thumbnails of the pictures being pinned. This has produced controversy about photographer copyright issues. But these challenges that Pinterest is experiencing is not unique to them.

Interestingly enough, Pinboards can be utilized by teachers and professors to plan their lessons. Educators can pin sites referral later on. In addition, students can pin and organize references and coordinate on projects.

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